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Heartbreak Song
Heartbreak Song.png

Description: If you hate Valentine's Day... this is the perfect song for you!

If  you find yourself enjoying my music, I would greatly appreciate it if you shared it was a friend! Download, follow, subscribe -every little bit helps get the word out! I love writing music from my own life because I know others can relate. Although life may not be perfect, and sometimes our interactions/relationships with others, may not be perfect, a good song, can get you through a lot!

Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 12.48.06
Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 12.48.06

Description: The story of my four years after moving to Nashville- songs to make you laugh, cry, sing loudly and jam out!

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Screen Shot 2019-10-16 at 5.05.47 PM.png

Description: A holiday original about celebrating together, and two of my favorite Christmas classics.


Description: The story of the year before I moved to Nashville. Love songs, breakup songs, and songs about chasing your dreams.

Hey all! 

       I would like to take a second and thank my family, friends, and fans for your continued support throughout my career. The fact that I know I have you in my corner, means the world, and I promise you, I am working hard out here in Nashville- writing music, continuously improving my craft, learning the business. Please continue to follow me on all social media and share my pages with your friends! As I said, following my music pages, Spotify, downloading my albums, and sharing my music, to get the word out, makes all the distance! 

                                                                                    All my love and appreciation,


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