This past summer Sarah spent 81 days traveling around the US partnering with the National Angels, volunteering with 16 of their 22 chapters- check the map below! This incredible nonprofit, that is now near and dear to Sarah's heart, supports foster children, and their foster families, through intentional and individualized donations and mentorship. They make it their mission to ensure, that foster children and their foster parent/parents know they are seen, loved, and supported by their surrounding community, and that just because someone is not called to foster or adopt, it doesn't mean they can't make a difference in a child, and in a family's life. If you would like to help make that difference, hit the donation button below and give to this beautiful non-profit. So far between the dinner show and Venmo donations we have raised $1100 so lets keep it going! The donation link is specific to this community so we can keep track of how much money we have raised!

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Currently booking for 2022- available for private & public shows, corporate events, & weddings.

Contact if you'd like to book or you have any venue suggestions local to you!



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SUNDAY- "Gospel Sunday"

-8:30-9AM CT /9:30-10 ET-

Giving glory to God, sharing gospel songs and prayer.