Tickets are $50 per person and include a three course meal, non-alcoholic beverages, and a much needed night of music together!

*Due to social distancing guidelines, and to avoid any confusion, I will have the unique opportunity to sell you tickets via Phone or Text! This event will be outside and all ables will be 6 ft apart. If you don't mind sitting with others- great- if you're not comfortable and would like your own table- that is okay too! I truly want each and every one of you to attend and for everyone to feel safe.*

Things you can do before you call or text that would really help me out:

1. Choose a Table

-Scroll to the bottom of the page and you can view a seating chart, and see each table's viewpoint of the stage.


-The following tables are available:

Picnic Tables

C - 3 seats available

(must be okay with sitting with others)

Umbrella Tables:


Under the Tent:


Picnic Tables 

-Due to social distancing guidelines, seats are limited, so please be sure to select the appropriate table for your party.

*If you know someone who is attending, and if you feel comfortable, reach out and see if they'd like to share a table. If you do have a party of 1-3 people and you would feel comfortable sharing a table with others, please let me know I want everyone who wants to attend, to be able to be there and have a great night!*


2. Have a Venmo Account 

-I am able to take payment through PayPal, but due to fees associated with PayPal, Venmo is preferable, but not necessary.

3. When You Call / Text

-I will ask for your first and last name, how many in your party, which table you'd like to reserve, if there are any food allergies, or any dietary restrictions in your party and an email where I can send your tickets. Don't forget to print them up! 

-I will ask you to send your payment for the tickets through Venmo (click link above). Again, Venmo is preferable, but not necessary; I am able to take payments through the PayPal link above as well.

-Lastly, I will ask if you have any original or cover song requests! If I am getting consistent requests for particular songs,

I will do my best to make sure it's included in the show!

I'm so excited to be able to see you in person! Want to see the awesome dinner menu that the wonderful staff at Lorenzo's created for our night together?

*Don't worry about ordering now- you'll choose that night!

Feel free to call anytime between 9am-9pm

*All tables distanced 6 ft apart.*

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