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Tickets are $70 and include concert, a three course meal,  and non-alcoholic beverages.

Purchase tickets by phone call, text, or email.

Things to do before you call:

1. Choose a Table

-Please be sure to select the appropriate table for your party.

*If you know someone who is attending, and if you feel comfortable, reach out and see if they'd like to share a table. If you do have a party of 1-3 people and you would feel comfortable sharing a table with others, please let me know I can try and pair you with another table!

 I want everyone who wants to attend, to be able to be there and have a great night!*

-Scroll to the bottom of the page & you can view the  seating layout for this year.


2. Have a Venmo Account 

I am able to take payment through PayPal or credit/debit card, but due to fees associated with PayPal and card payment, there will be a $5 processing fee added to the total amount of your tickets. Venmo does not currently require a processing fee.


3. What I Need to Know

  • First and last name of ticket purchaser. 

  • How many in your party?

  • Which table you'd like to reserve?

​​ (please have one or two options in case your first pick is no longer available)

  • Are there are any food allergies, or any dietary restrictions in your party? 

  • What's email would you like your purchase confirmation sent to?

- I will send out tickets in July so that you don't have to worry about keeping track of them in your email. -

Ready to call?

Feel free to call or text me at 508-944-2398 between 9am-9pm during early bird sales. You can also email me at any time, at Please include all the information above.

I'm so excited to be able reunited for our biggest show of the year!

Check back for the awesome dinner menu that the wonderful staff at Lorenzo's is creating for our night together!

Choose a table
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