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Help Me Continue to Further My Career

Sarah Martin All Acoustic
I have been singing since I can remember, and performing in front of audiences since the 7th grade. In 2011, I decided to pick up guitar and pursue a solo career- learning the business as I went, promoting myself and playing out when work and life would allow. 

In September of 2014, I left a job I was unhappy with, and created a life for myself that brought me joy and fulfillment by making music my full time profession. In one year, I went from playing a couple times a month to playing out 5-7 times a week, while making enough money to pay my bills and live comfortably.

After visiting Nashville, Tennessee in January, I completely fell in love- with the music, the people, the entire atmosphere. As of September, I have made Nashvile my new home. I have played Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville, TV show "American Picker's" Antique Archaeology, and The Silver Dollar. I now play five to six time a week, at The World Famous Tootsie's Orchid Lounge, Rippy's Bar & Grill, and Honky Tonk Central on downtown Broadway. I have joined the Nashville Songwriter Association International (NSAI) where I am contuning to work on original material, and meet professionals in the field, and I am also currently involved in a Guitar Boot Camp. 

There is a lot to learn in this town, as well as many opportunities to advance my music career. I know that a successful career isn't something that happens over night- it takes time, commitment, and hardwork, and I am in this for the long hall. I also know, certain things, that will help me develop my career (promotional material, branding, marketing, studio time, etc.) will cost money and that is where I am hoping YOU can help!

If you know me, you know I am extremely hard working, determined, and stubborn. If I set my heart on something, you best believe I am going to make it happen. My talent, passion, and music career is an investment and I hope you will consider investing in me. 

If you can't contribute- feel free to share my GoFundMe page with others. Feel free to also share my facebook page, or my website (located below). Basically anything that will help get the word out about this page or my music, I would sincerely and greatly appreciate!

*You can rest easy knowing any contribution you make will be going into a bank account strictly for the advancement of my music career. *

I am already hard at work establishing myself as a musician, here in Nashville. With your help, I will have the ability to market myself appropriately and work towards amazing things!

Thank you for believing in me and my music!

Sarah Martin

Please feel free to visit my webpage!
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Thank You to My Supporters!!!

*Victor Peters*

*Barbara Henneberry*

*Marie Clifford*

*Maria Falcon*

*Kyle Anderson*

*Alice Kirpas*

*Kylie Calzone*

*Sean & Hope Rapalje*

*Fred Meltzer*

*Irma Gutosic*

*Lee Vaughan*

*Michelle Leonard*

*Debra Morris*

*Jaye McGuillicuddy*

*Scott Ryder*

*Katie Finocchiano*

*Michael Pavone*

*Patrick McGuillicuddy*

*The Zingg Family*

*Kathy Hanifan*

*Paul & Kathy Rathbun*

*Walter Whitehead*

*Matt Magalhaes*

*Kristen, Amy, and Janet DeMoranville*

*Mike Shaw*

*Barbara Leary*

*Marcelle DeCosta*

*Rich & Tracey Vaughan*

*Jeff Rosen*

*Courtney Mandeville*

*Tyler Davis*

*Ken Snow*

*Renae Mansfield*

*Mark Dardis*

*Sean McLaughlin*

*Jamie Conway*

*Tony Carchia*

*Jim & Tara Libby*

*Jack Nedelman*

*Steven Somers*

*Britney Burke*

*Declan Kelehan*

*Jeff Lafata*

*Luther & Joyce Wallis*

*The Meade Family*

*Ryan Levia*

*Bob & Inez Roy*

*Richard & Maria Martin*

*Bruce & Terri Jacobs*

*Laura Chappell*

*Fernando & Jennifer Aguiar*

*Angela Mascioli*

*Joe Visotski*

*Corron & Jim Grasela*

*Kimberley Wixon*

*Caroline & Chris Darcy*

*Lew & Lorrie Pejouhy*

*Ginny Murdoch*

*Nancy Barboza*

*Kathleen Nash*

*Kimisha Heriveaux*

*Beth & Steven Sakwa*

*Eric James*

*Matt Charette*

*Trish Clinton & Linda Rondeau*

*Dean Reed*

*Mike D'Agostino*

*Barry Bissonnette*

*Mitchell & Anna Stavovy*

*Laurie Driscoll*

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